Frequently Asked Questions

Online Statements

Online Statements are perfect for customers who prefer to view their statement electronically. We'll send you an email each month, notifying you when your statement is available online. You simply log onto internet banking, click on online services and you can view, print or save your statement.

Q What are Online Statements?
A It is an electronic version of the paper statement you receive in the mail. It looks exactly like your paper statement except itís electronically delivered to you.

Q Why would I want to receive Online Statements?
Online Statements arrive sooner than a paper statement and they reduce the amount of mail you receive.

Q Can I receive a paper statement as well as Online Statements?
No. After you sign up for Online Statements you will no longer receive the traditional paper statement.

Q Is there a charge to receive Online Statements?
No, itís another FREE service from Peoples Bank and Trust.

Q Are my Online Statements secure and safe?
Yes. Online Statements offer secure transmission of information throughout the Internet. Your statement is stored behind firewalls and is transmitted to your Internet browser using 128-bit encryption. It can only be accessed with a Password, that only you know.

Q When will my Online Statements be available?
Your Online Statements will be available by 8 a.m. Central Time the business day following your regular statement cycle. Business days do not include Saturdays and Sundays. Statement information is available for the last 12 months and check and deposit images are available for the past 3 months.

Q Where can I store my Online Statements?
You can store your statements on your PC, to a disk or CD.. Helpful Hint: For added protection, you may want to Password Protect your statements.

Q How do I sign up for Online Statements?
Itís easy. Just click on the Online Services button in Internet banking and fill out the registration form. We will let you know by email when your account is setup and ready for use.

Q Do I need any special PC set up to receive and view my Online Statements?
No. You just need a PC, Internet connection, Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Q How do I receive my Online Statements?
Youíll receive an email when your statements are available. Sign into internet banking at and then choose online services.

Q Can I get my Online Statements emailed to me instead?
No. Email is not secure and we want to insure your statement is protected.

Q If I don't receive or I delete my email notification, can I still receive my Online Statements?
Yes, simply log onto internet banking to retrieve your previous statements.

Q What if I want to cancel my Online Statements?
You can switch back to a paper statement at any time. Just call 877-998-2100 or stop by any Peoples Bank and Trust location to cancel your Online Statements.

Q What if my email address changes?
To change your email address click on user options in the Online Statement section.