ALERT - Debit Card Holders

Your card may have been compromised if you shopped at Home Depot or Goodwill in the past few months.

The dates of the compromised data are as follows:

  • Home Depot - May 1, 2014 to September 2, 2014
  • Goodwill - February 10, 2014 to August 8, 2014

Please check your account online or your bank statements to determine if you shopped at a Home Depot or Goodwill with your debit card during those time periods.

In order to protect you and to minimize any losses, we recuded the card limit on compromised cards to $300, effective September 8, 2014.

You may have received an automated call or an email informing you that your card has been compromised and a new card will be issued.

New debit cards and PIN numbers have been ordered for all compromised cards, and will be shipped September 8, 2014. You should receive them 4-5 days after shipping. You will also receive a new PIN number in the mail. Instructions on changing the PIN will be included with your card.

Peoples Bank is contacting all affected cardholders to notify them that their cards will be closed effective September 19, 2014. We want to prevent any loss or fraud that may occur on your account. Protection of your financial information is a primary concern. You may contact your local branch to have your card closed immediately.

Please review your bank statements carefully to make sure that all the debit card transactions are yours. Contact the bank immediately concerning any suspicious transactions.